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About us


Seeta High Schools are mixed day and boarding schools located in Mukono District with ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels of learning. It was started by Mrs. Rose N. Muyingo the school Director in 2000 and we marked 20 years this year. It has four campuses Main campus, Mukono campus, Green campus and our newest Campus the A level Campus.

Director Seeta Schools

"We are among the leading schools in the country when it comes to numbers of S.6 students admitted to universities on government sponsorship"



Each Campus is governed by the Board of Governors which is constituted as provided for by the Education Board of Governors regulations, section 59 part (ii) of the Education Act, 2008. It comprises of members representing the major school stake holders namely; founding members, parents, staff, local government and Alumni.

Students in Seeta High Schools
Teachers that are well trained to handle students in Seeta High Schools
Students have been engaged in different sports activities at our schools​
Non- teaching Staff in Seeta High Schools


Through the years, Seeta High Schools have been front runners in most of the Secondary school activities ranging from academics to Co-curricular. Our campuses are the leading schools in Mukono district. We are among the leading schools in the country when it comes to number of S.6 students admitted to universities on government sponsorship.

Current Status

Seeta High Schools are Private Christian Secondary schools mixed with both boys and girls in both Ordinary and Advanced levels of education. We offer both Arts and Sciences and a number of co-curricular activities in all our campuses.

We have four campuses in total; Main Campus, Mbalala Campus,

We focus is on academic excellence and talent development so as to have holistic development of an entire human being. We follow the National Curriculum designed by the National Council for Higher Education and is assessed by the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB).


The day to day management of each campus is headed by the Head teacher who is supported by deputies and domestic officials (senior man and woman). These are further assisted by class teachers and Academic Heads of department who assist in the proper planning and implementation of the school program. These support the management of the school.

The responsibilities of our staff are enshrined in the Human Resource Manual.

Employment Opportunities

Seeta High School gives equal opportunities to all dedicated qualified people willing to serve it with creativity, hard work, determination and dedication. We usually advertise all open vacancies on our website, social media platforms and newspapers.