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Director Seeta Schools

Mrs. Rose Namayanja Muyingo

It is a great honor for me to address you on behalf of Seeta high schools. We are focused on preparing children for the changing conditions of today’s and tomorrow’s worlds.

If we want our children to take part in the competition of the 21st century, and take the lead, they should have such qualities as self-confidence, assertiveness, leadership and all other values we stand for. As parents, our utmost responsibility is to provide an educational environment for our children for classwork and talent development.

Simply offering a competitive curriculum is not enough, thus, only with well-developed interpersonal and social skills and a sense of ethics will our children truly be equipped for the challenges they will face as the leaders of the future. With that goal in mind, welcome to Seeta High schools.

Principal Seeta Schools

Kafumbe Davis

Our institutions are indebted to the Directors, Board of Governors, Parents, staff, old students, students and friends of Seeta High School for the great support that has made our school move from one level to another. I wish to inform you all that we now also have Seeta Junior schools joining the fraternity offering quality pre-primary and primary education, Congratulations! This is the clear indication that our institution has grown from strength to strength in the past 20 years.

As we conclude another decade of existence, we look forward to developing into a great school in terms of giving a holistic education to the students, continuing to mound academically excellent students, broaden our good image and above all, provide better quality services to the community.

I am indebted to all the Heads of our institutions for their tireless efforts in endlessly improving the brand image of our schools and taking care of our clients. Through them we have remained relevant in the country and we have registered steadfast development.

I wish to express my appreciation to the webmaster and ICT departments who have tirelessly worked hard to see that we are Online. You have enabled us to pass on to the public the values for which Seeta High Schools stand. By so doing, we get new friends with similar values to help us grow stronger as we strive to become a leading school in producing academically excellent students, morally upright and responsible leaders.

May the Good Lord continue blessing Seeta Schools (Seeta High Schools + Seeta Junior Schools).

Technical Team

Mr Lumu Charles

Head of Finance

Ms Nagawa Joan

Human Resource

Mr Sekiziyivu Joseph

Financial Officer

Headteachers of our Campuses

I welcome you to our educative and informative website. The World is a global village and in this age of online communication, this website defines who we are, what we stand for and any other information about us that we deem fit for this audience. We are who we are because of the past students in all the past 20 years that continued to exhibit the spirit of excellence in academics and co-curricular throughout the years hence making us climb the ladder year by year. I am proud to be associated with this success. We thank the past students and parents for making us proud and we are continuing with many innovations in the academic field to not only to remain among the best but to be the best. We implore you to come up with all suggestions, ideas that you think will make us climb higher since you are all our beloved stake holders. In 2020, we marked 20 years of excellence and hard work attributed to the Directors and founders, Board of Governors, Parents and teachers' committees and the students that have continued to lead us to the right path in our search for success and Excellence. Aluta Continua!

Mr. Alibundi Paul

Head Teacher (Green Campus)

I welcome you to Seeta High School where we boost of a rich curriculum where We teach a variety of subjects which are carefully selected to mould our student in an all round manner and prepare them for any combination whether sciences or arts ('O' Level) and can apply for any professional course at University and institutions of higher learning and successfully get enrolled. The subjects we offer keep changing with time as we review our students' needs and abilities. We are also planning to embrace hands on training in the near future to create a skilled population in line with the institutional priorities. What are you waiting for to join the winning team?

Mr. Ssebukalu Bonny

Head Teacher (Mukono Campus)

I thank God for the gift your life and mine and for the providence that has moved us this far. Seeta High School has grown due to the love for God in all that we do. We are a God-fearing school that holds all our students accountable for all their actions. If you want your child to be God fearing and morally upright amidst the 21st Century challenges, you are now closer to us. By choosing our school you will not regret. We are here to serve you and groom your child to the right path alongside the academic works and career guidance. COme try us today, you will not regret.

Mr. Obbo Allan.W

Head Teacher (Main Campus)

Greetings from the 20th Anniversary Campus, the newest Campus on board. We are working tirelessly to start at the same level like all our campuses since success is ingrained in our system. We are striving to develop our learners from various diversities into caring, innovative and reflective thinkers who will take into consideration environmental protection and love for their communities. We are proud of our brand and thank the Almighty God for the blessings. With our exceptional management we believe the sky is the limit. We specialise in giving hands on training in all that we do in order to prepare problem solvers for this Century. Bring your child today, you will not regret.

Mr. Songha Ramadhan

Head Teacher (A Level Campus)

Top Administrators

Ms. Namulondo Lilian

Deputy head Teacher (Main Campus)

Ms. Najjemba Cavin

Deputy head Teacher (Green Campus)

Mr. Byarugaba John Bosco

Deputy head Teacher (Mbalala Campus)

Mr. Muwumba Cosum

Director of Studies (Main Campus)

Ms. Nagadya Olivia

Bursar (Mukono Campus)

Mr. Bazira Paul

Deputy head Teacher A Level Campus)

Mr. Ddamba Hassan

Deputy head Teacher (Mukono Campus)

Mr. Lwanga Charles

Director of Studies (Green Campus)

Mr. Odung John Bosco

Bursar (A Level Campus)

Ms. Nakamanya Irene

Bursar (Main Campus)