Seeta High Schools


Seeta High Schools Students Leadership Core

Leadership Core

We are schools aiming at raising future responsible leaders and in order to achieve this we begin this journey while at school. We give a chance to students to develop fully through management of their fellow students.

Students are elected through annual elections where they get to campaign and convince their fellow students of their capabilities and intentions. They are taken through training on various aspects to enable them execute their duties ably well for the smooth running of the school.

The school leadership body is headed by a Head Prefect who leads the various ministers referred to as Honorables.


A Caring Leader

Every Seeta High Schools Student, a Caring Leader. Students in Seeta High Schools have endless opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Five key leadership groups are available for students to practice what they have learnt and stretch their potential in areas that they are interested and competent in. Together, these five leadership areas allow 30% of Seeta High Schools to be in an appointed formal student leadership position.
Our Mentors

Student Leaders receive further training during the Student Leaders Convention held annually. Student Leaders are equipped with core leadership skills and knowledge that they need to carry out their duties Specific skills needed by individual Student Leader groups.
All our students are advised to have mentors who can help them to achieve them in goal setting and advise them on how to achieve their goals. The students are guided all through their stay to achieve their career ambitions. This is coupled with a well thought out pastoral program that addresses the daily challenges of the learners.

Student Council Leaders are elected by each stream and they are usually the outstanding students with a good command of others coupled with discipline. They form the students Disciplinary Committee that handles students cases before they are forwarded to Administration for further management. This is to help them develop critical thinking and judgement skills.


......... Student Council, Peer Support Leaders, Sports Captains and Class Managers are the generic groups of student leadership in Seeta High Schools.